Комунальний заклад "Хустський професійний ліцей" Закарпатської обласної ради

Комунальний заклад
Закарпатської обласної ради

Мова освітнього процесу: українська


A call for cooperation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me express my respect and address you with the following.

Zakarpattia oblast (Transcarpathia) is one of the youngest regions of Ukraine, having been established in January 1946. Its unique geopolitical location at the crossroads of international transport, economic, trade, and cultural routes contributes to developing and further deepening comprehensive interstate cooperation. It plays an important role in Ukraine’s integration into European structures. It is a region with unique opportunities to create new projects and ideas.

According to the Regional Development Strategy of Zakarpattia Oblast for 2021-2027, approved by the Regional Council on 20 December 2019, No. 1630, the leading industrial sectors of Zakarpattia Oblast, which account for the largest share of the region’s gross domestic product (73%), are agriculture – 15.2%, industry – 15.1%, transport – 10.9%, education – 10.2%, real estate trading – 9.0%, construction – 3.1%, etc.

The main educational priorities of this strategy include improving the provision of quality educational services, developing social partnerships in constructive cooperation with employers, establishing industry-specific training and practice centers at vocational education and training institutions, using public-private partnership opportunities by vocational education and training institutions, and introducing elements of dual education in vocational education and training.

Building a competitive economy requires the stable development of large, medium, and small enterprises in the region, which in turn will aid in resolving a variety of infrastructure, social, and humanitarian issues. With the start of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine, 294 companies relocated to the region in 2022, representing 47% of all companies relocated to Ukraine.

Over the last three years, job vacancies have increased, leading to more employment opportunities and a greater willingness among companies to hire workers. This situation is being exacerbated by the rising number of people migrating to other countries in searching work. However, there is also an influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Zakarpattia oblast, which amounts to about 400,000 people, and in the Khust territorial community, about 20,000 people, some of whom need retraining.

The municipal institution “Khust Professional Lyceum” of the Transcarpathian Regional Council (hereinafter – Lyceum) is an institution of vocational (vocational-technical) education of the second certification level, which was founded in 1966.

The Lyceum provides basic vocational training for skilled workers among graduates of general secondary education institutions based on basic or specialized secondary education, vocational (vocational and technical) training, retraining, and advanced training of the working population. As of 1 January 2024, the number of pupils at Lyceum was 310.

The Lyceum employs 40 pedagogical workers who are professionally trained. The Lyceum offers a wide range of professions, which allows each pupil to find his or her vocation and develop in a direction that corresponds to his or her interests and abilities, which are in great demand in the reconstruction of our country:

based on 9 classes

– Plasterer; Tiler; House Painter;

– Installer of sanitary systems and equipment; Gas welder;

– Mechanic for Repair of wheeled vehicles; Body straightener;

– Installers of plasterboard structures; Plasterers; House Painter;

– Mechanic for Repair of wheeled vehicles; Electric and gas welder;

based on 11 classes

– Electric and gas welders;

– Installers of plasterboard structures;

– Mechanic for Repair of wheeled vehicles.

The buildings have been adapted and equipped for the educational and production process of training skilled workers. The educational institution’s complex sits on 1,898 ha of land with a building area of 3,076.9 m2 and a capacity of 600 pupils.

The Lyceum has two modern educational and practical centers:

– Training center for the profession of installer of sanitary systems and equipment;

– The training and practice center for the profession of the mechanic for repair of wheeled vehicles.

They are equipped with modern multimedia equipment and have access to the Internet. Pupils’ workplaces are equipped with modern equipment and divided into study areas in such a way as to enable them to obtain partial qualifications by the requirements of the State Standards of Vocational Education and the current working conditions of construction companies.

All classrooms have been renovated and equipped with modern multimedia equipment and internet access for practical, theoretical, and general vocational training.

The premises and facilities of the Lyceum comply with the latest safety, fire, and hygiene standards.

Our institution prioritizes providing modern resources for education and production based on employers’ diverse requirements, offering various benefits to our pupils. We have also established public-private partnerships, creating training and practice centers to enhance our pupils’ learning experience. Furthermore, we actively participate in various projects, which provide positive employment opportunities for our graduates.

Our facilities are constantly upgraded to provide pupils with material and technical based technology and materials. Our teachers and masters of industrial training are always ready to provide pupils with any necessary assistance and support.

We have successful experience of cooperation in various projects, namely:

  • The Ukrainian-Swiss project is implemented with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Geberit Trading LLC, Sika Ukraine LLC, and the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation “Swisscontact” with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • International Development Foundation NGO with the support of USAID “Economic Support to Ukraine” and GIZ Ukraine within the framework of the project “Workforce Development for Ukraine”.

We believe that access to material and technical based facilities and highly qualified pedagogical workers is essential for our pupils’ career success.

Within the framework of possible cooperation between our educational institution and potential partners, it is possible to organize academic mobility in the form of study trips for pupils and pedagogical workers, internships, and improvement of the material base of the Lyceum. We strive to establish friendly and partnership relations with European educational institutions to adopt best practices and share our experiences.




Acting Director of the municipal institution “Khust Professional Lyceum” of the Transcarpathian Regional Council


Ivan Podolei